General Counsel Services

Are you a growing business that does not have an internal legal department, but has a constant demand for legal assistance and guidance?  Are you a CEO or CFO playing the tenuous role of in-house counsel?  Does your business have its own in-house legal staff that occasionally requires attorney augmentation to meet its workload?  If so, Scott Magliochetti LLC can provide you with the same sound legal advice that you would get from your own in-house counsel, without the associated fixed payroll costs and overhead expenses.  The outside general counsel services provided include:

Corporate Legal Analysis.  Scott Magliochetti reviews and modifies your corporate and organizational documents to assure that management, control and ownership objectives are adequately addressed.  Company policies and procedures are often part of such analysis, including a compliance review of applicable law.

Contract Formation. A comprehensive and balanced set of form contracts protects your organization, keeps operations moving and reduces the need for continued legal input.  Scott Magliochetti can review existing form agreements or create new ones to be used.

Contract Negotiation.  Mr. Magliochetti reviews changes to your form contracts and works with you to negotiate and prepare new agreements as the need arises.  He can assist you with vendor contracts, sales agreements, leases, non-disclosure agreements and any other contract required for you to do your business.

Strategic Transactions. Scott Magliochetti works with your management team on strategic transactions such as joint ventures, distributor & reseller arrangements and mergers & acquisitions.  He can also assist with capital activities, such as bank financing and private placements of debt and equity.

Corporate Governance. Scott Magliochetti customarily attends management and board meetings to provide counsel on pending matters, identify issues as they arise and, often, provide corporate secretary services (preparation of minutes, resolutions and board / shareholder materials).

Human Resources.  As an employer, you are subject to a host of state and federal laws regulating your relationship with your employees.  Scott Magliochetti can assist you in navigating these regulations and assisting with compliance with same, whether through handbooks, employment agreements or otherwise.  He also advises his clients in the areas of discrimination, harassment and wrongful termination and is experienced in negotiating releases and severance arrangements.

Outside Counsel Management. Scott Magliochetti assists his clients in identifying, coordinating and supervising specialized outside counsel when the need arises.  Such services include litigation management.

With over twenty years of business law experience, including multiple general counsel engagements, Scott Magliochetti has acquired the skills and invaluable perspective necessary to help you achieve your business goals.  He delivers practical business oriented solutions and strategic advice needed to address the commercial, corporate and transactional issues your business confronts on a daily basis.  Scott Magliochetti knows the real world legal needs of business people – decisive and concise advice delivered in a quick and efficient manner.  Rather than being a “deal killer”, he furthers his client’s success by helping them balance risk with opportunities.  The general counsel services are delivered at substantially lower costs than traditional law firms by avoiding big law firm overhead and eliminating redundancy billing often associated with large firms.